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This expert interview is with Bob Regnerus, co-founder of Feedstories. We discuss Bob’s business offering with Feedstories, their approach to video marketing, Bob’s perspective on social media marketing strategies and so much more. If you are in the field of video marketing or looking into leveraging video for your business, there is a lot of value in here for you.

Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you would like to jump to a specific part:

0:00 – Welcome and introduction

1:16 – Bob’s experience of Disney, Florida

4:52 – Feedstories’ service offering

7:35 – Why focus on video?

9:34 – Tips and tricks to start leveraging video

13:06 – Don’t wait, just start!

14:42 – Client stories of success

21:04 – Leveraging TikTok/social media

24:28 – Build your community where you have control

26:34 – Useful video marketing tools

29:35 – Mistakes to avoid

33:50 – Create emotional connections with your viewers

36:13 – Book recommendations

38:00 – Advice to younger self

39:24 – Getting in touch with Bob

40:24 – Last thoughts

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