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This expert interview is with Branden Coluccio, managing director of Relentless Ventures. We talk about Branden’s experience of business exits, the invaluable lessons he has learnt the hard way, considerations before initiating a business sale and much more.

Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you would like to jump to a specific part:

0:00 – Welcome & introduction

2:30 – Branden’s consulting process

6:29 – Considerations before exiting

11:12 – Branden’s experience and advice

17:18 – First steps towards exiting

21:11 – Data rooms and information preparation

27:33 – Keep your information organized

30:18 – Advice to younger self

33:58 – Book recommendations

35:57 – Getting in touch with Branden

Branden’s Links

Book Recommendations

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