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This Expert Interview is with Arian Radmand, CEO of IgnitePOST. We discuss Arian’s journey starting IgnitePOST, IgnitePOST’s marketing philosophy, the need for client-business relationship building, and much more. If you are a business owner of any sort, this video will be of much value to you. 

Here are some of the times of topics covered in case you’d like to jump to a specific part: 

0:00 – Welcome & introduction 

1:08 – Arian’s journey 

4:22 – Establishing IgnitePOST 

7:30 – Why handwritten notes? 

11:08 – Product example and why it works 

15:56 – IgnitePOST pricing structure 

19:03 – Automation ideas 

21:20 – IgnitePOST turnaround time 

22:38 – Use case examples 

28:22 – Current marketing trends 

32:16 – Business startup advice 

33:56 – Book recommendations 

35:01 – Advice to younger self 

36:37 – Getting in touch with Arian 


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