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This expert interview is with G. Kairu Kihara, founder of Profit Pivots. We discuss Kairu’s move away from digital marketing, leveraging AI in your workspace, how to increase revenue with small changes in your business, and much more.

Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you would like to jump to a specific part:

0:00 – Welcome & introduction

0:16 – Kairu’s pivot away from digital marketing

4:07 – Knowing what brings in your revenue

8:57 – Take control of what you’re spending on

13:10 – Good cadence in team huddles

16:48 – Delegate to free up your time

19:52 – Learn how to manage your time and step away

23:23 – Work/life balance and making time to step away

27:49 – Leveraging AI to optimize output

34:01 – Shiny object syndrome

37:41 – Book recommendation

38:57 – Advice to younger self

40:45 – Getting in touch with Kairu

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