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This Expert Interview is with Tom Taormina, author, speaker, trainer and principal at The Taormina Group. We discuss advice for the entrepreneur on a business from start up to a first level organization, running productive meetings, mastering effective communication, and much more. Tom is a veteran businessman with decades of wisdom to share with anyone in business. 


Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you’d like to jump to a specific part: 

0:00 – Welcome & Introduction 

3:53 – What do you do when your business is running you? 

9:17 – Learn to delegate and know the business’ vision 

12:24 – How to run better meetings 

18:15 – Mastering effective communication 

23:57 – Creating satisfied customers 

33:06 – How to limit your liability and protect your business 

41:24 – Tom’s thoughts on books for entrepreneurs 

42:47 – Advice to younger self 


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