I had a great conversation with Bob & Brandon on The Innovative Founders Podcast.

Here is a link to listen: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0QianTKRsZYEL2WmwPzKqf 

Here is a breakdown of what we discussed:

[8:30] – What’s exciting in Devin’s personal and business life?[9:46] – Devin shares a story of picking up dog poop to earn money as a child[16:05] – Why Devin loves hiring journalism majors[17:20] – What is Cat Café, and how did it come about?[24:57] – Devin shares a death-defying story of a man who thought about killing himself[28:22] – How Devin transitioned from journalism to running his own business[39:11] – What is Devin doing these days, and what projects has he invested in?[45:40] – David’s thoughts on a business partnership that focuses on quality conversations with genuine people vs. other mastermind groups or networking events[51:33] – Devin shares why doing business is more than just digital marketing[56:19] – Devin’s Rant: Don’t neglect your health, relationships and happiness for your business; balance your goals and enjoy your life!