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This expert interview is with Alvin Kersting, CEO of Portfolio Operating Partners. We unpack Alvin’s philosophy of people as the business while we discuss raising capital for business, finding the right investor, business collaboration, leadership and much more.

Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you would like to jump to a specific part:

0:00 – Welcome & introduction

0:46 – Alvin’s work for all business

01:37 – More sales isn’t always the answer

04:47 – Alvin’s process for shifting companies

06:16 – Being a great facilitator

07:06 – People are the business

08:59 – Complimentary collaboration

13:02 – Mistakes when raising capital

13:54 – Finding the right investor

15:59 – Positive impact in business

18:09 – Traits of great leadership

20:42 – Human capital is invaluable

23:56 – Upcoming opportunities for businesses

26:40 – Advice to younger self

28:22 – Book recommendations

31:08 – Getting in touch with Alvin

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Book Recommendations

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