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This Expert Interview is with Sky Anderson, vice president at Scarlett Books. We discuss the importance of keeping good books for your business, how it can serve your business decisions, and how simple it can be with Scarlett Books. There’s a lot to glean from this episode for any individual running a business so listen up. 


Here are some of the times & topics covered in case you’d like to jump to a specific part:  

0:00 – Welcome & introduction  

0:39 – What makes Scarlett Books different? 

2:55 – Why have accounting software? 

4:24 – Onboarding with Scarlett Books 

6:04 – Behind the name: “Scarlett” 

6:59 – Minutes and resolutions explained 

10:06 – Minutes and resolutions on Scarlett Books 

11:37 – Numbers to pay attention to 

15:02 – Business owners’ mistakes to look out for 

18:16 – Lessons from building a SaaS business 

21:00 – Book recommendation 

22:57 – Advice to younger self 

25:20 – Getting in touch with Sky 


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