Nevada Small Business Development Center Statistics


The following statistical information is for the Nevada Small Business Development Center (NSBDC) from 2003 to 2010. The NSBDC primarily focuses on counseling and training for those desiring to start, develop or improve their small business. The statistics below show the total number of clients counseled, the number of hours spent with clients, the types of businesses clients wish to develop and the areas of counseling clients want to specialize in. These tables are not your classic bar graphs and pie charts, they are completely interactive and allow you to click on any particular piece of data you find interesting (hovering over the graphs will reveal more information). Feel free to explore all of the data presented in the tables, but don't get stuck playing with just one.

The table above shows the types of businesses that clients at the NSBDC wish to develop. The categories listed are retail, service, wholesale, manufacturing and other. Note the decline of "service" and the rise of "other" as 2010 approaches. This is due to the innovation of clients desiring to start virtual businesses, Rod Jorgensen said. Jorgensen is the NSBDC Director of Counseling and Management Consultant.


The table above shows the number of new clients in relation to the total number of clients at the NSBDC. Though the number of new clients declines dramatically, the NSBDC continues to work with more than 1,000 clients.


The table above shows the total number of hours spent with new clients in relation to hours spent with all clients at the NSBDC. Note the drastic change in new client hours in 2005-2006 and how the overall client hours remain relatively consistent.


The table above shows the number of clients who asked for consultation specializing in start-up assistance at the NSBDC. After the surge in 2003, the numbers for this type of counseling have been steady.


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This page was created by Devin Sizemore (created tables 2 and 3) and Garrett Valenzuela (created tables 1 and 4). This project was created for our Journalism 453 class at the Reynolds School of Journalsim. We hope you enjoyed it!

Small Business Owners- DO NOT Make These Mistakes On Facebook

This is a great follow-up post to The New Facebook- How To Use The Recent Photos Bar. Mashable posted an article that all small business owners and social media marketers need to read “Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make.” Take some time to read what they have to say and then read below to see my comments on their points.

1) Broadcasting

I completely agree with this point. At Local Web Traffic Solutions it is our policy to make sure that we never broadcast, but provide valuable information. Remember, social media sites are a place to be social.

2) Not Investing Adequate Time

This is definitely a huge problem with small business owners. I mean come on, you are running a business, and you do not have time for Facebook. Well, if that is the case than DO NOT START! As soon as your start interacting with current and potential customers on Facebook, you need to make sure you stay active. If you create a page and then never check back, it is going to do you no good.

3) Being Boring or Predictable

This one speaks for itself, but I think predictable is okay to a small degree. Although you do not want to be boring, I think it is important to stay consistent in the types of messages you post. You want to make sure that your followers know what kind of information and posts they can expect from your business.

4) Failing to Learn About Facebook Mechanics and Tools

Although this step can take time, you need to understand what tools are available to you. I recommend visiting other people’s Facebook profiles and other business’ pages to see what they are using. If you like what they are doing than ask them how they did it. A simple example is how to use the five-photo bar that is on top of the new Facebook layout.

5) Violating Facebook’s Terms

Please take the time to understand what you CAN and CANNOT do on Facebook. The last thing you want to do is create a network of 4,000+ followers and then have your page banned for not following Facebook's Terms.

I know this is a lot, but if you want to be successful, you need to make sure you are wasting your time.

Remember, success is a choice,

Devin Sizemore